PAYSTORE is undergoing major upgrade, Check back in few hours from now

Upgrade Highlight:

1. PAYSTORE PREMIUM EBOOK: Due to a lot of demand from members of paystore community, each user both old or new have to purchase Paystore Premium Ebook which detail how you can operate your account without having issue at all. The ebook purchase grant you full access to our platform and also make it possible for you to access product and as well get access to our referral system that promise to make you nothing less than N500,000 per month combing personal sale effort, Team sale effort and Matrix stage earning effort. The book cost just N200 and you can use your ewallet fund, ATM or Bank deposit to purchase the book and instant download access will be granted to you when you pay for the ebook.

2.REFERRAL SYSTEM: We are launching a unique automated Referral System that will help you make substantial money from our platform through direct referral, Team Sales Earning both direct and indirect Team Sale Earnings. 

3.AUTOMATED TEAM SALE SYSTEM: So many people have call to ask us if they can refer others into the platform and if they make a referral, what will they be making from all their referral purchase both direct and indirect referral, we have introduce and program our referral application to accommodate that making it possible for you being the upliner to earn from all your level’s down to 10th level of your matrix board.

4.MATRIX STAGE EARNING: How about earning from every referral sales that happen on your matrix board? we have consider that you have to earn from all your direct and indirect downline upgrade from day 1 making it possible for you to achieve full financial leverage.

5.REGISTRATION IS STILL FREE: Paystore registration remain free for anyone to join the platform, but you need to upgrade your account with just N200 to get full access to our platform and also entitled to the above benefit.

6. MONTHLY RENEWAL EARNING: Every user of paystore is also expected to renew their account with just N200 per month to continue enjoying our portal and that will also earn the upliner an automated income of 10% renewal earning from all your downlines both direct and indirect downline so if you have let’s 10000 donwline who renew their account every month it means you will be making 10000xN100=N1000000/100=N10000x10=N100000 i.e you will be making 100000 every month from your Team.